Resource Roundup: Microsoft Teams

There is so much good content on the internet *insert shocked emoji*. Resource Roundup is a series to organize links, ideas, and advice around a specific topic.

With the recent uptick in working from home, Microsoft Teams has also seen increased adoption. More than 12 million daily active users have been added to Microsoft Teams in the last month. Keeping that in mind, below are some Microsoft Teams resources that have popped up in my feed recently and I’ve found helpful.

Resource Roundup – Microsoft Teams Resources

Joanne Klein & Ali Fadavinia


The most basic functionality of Teams is setting and attending meetings. This is the most clear, concise tutorial I’ve seen explaining Teams meetings. If you’ve never used MS Teams before, I’d recommend starting here.

Darrell as a Service

How to create a Microsoft Team – Things to consider before you do

Beyond meetings, the ability to create “Teams” or groups for collaborative communication is where MS Teams shines in comparison to its predecessor communications platforms. This video is part of a great series about the functional mechanics of setting up a Team, as well as the practical questions one should ask themselves when thinking about creating a new team.

Teams on Air

Tips and tricks to become a Microsoft Teams power user

Even though there is a bar at the top of the Teams application encouraging users to type a command, it wasn’t until watching this video that I finally understood what commands were or how they could be used to increase efficiency in Teams.

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