Resource Roundup: Working From Home

There is so much good content on the internet *insert shocked emoji*. Resource Roundup is a series to organize links, ideas, and advice around a specific topic.

Writing has been hard this month. In the face of a global pandemic, blogging about business applications has felt…inconsequential. I’m privileged to be able to work from home. I recognize many people are working from home for this first time this month and it will be an adjustment. I feel for the many more people whose work cannot be performed from home (two-thirds of the labor force) and whose livelihoods will be most impacted by the current crisis.

I’ve worked from home for most of my career; it’s still been a difficult month for me. Everything inside my home office is the same, but the outside world is very different. It was incredibly validating to read the tweet below. I’ve reread it frequently over the past weeks.

Adding one tip to the list below: be kind. Whether interacting with customers, colleagues, or vendors: we’re all doing our best to cope and persevere.

Resource Roundup – Work From Home Tips


47 Insanely Practical Work From Home

My Key Takeaways:

  • Add breaks to your schedule.
  • Reach out if you are feeling alone or isolated.

Ars Technica

Suddenly working at home? We’ve done it for 22 years—and have advice

My Key Takeaways:

  • Establish an exercise routine.
  • Consider getting a pet.

Jake Reeves

5 TIPS to Remain PRODUCTIVE Working from HOME in Self-Isolation

My Key Takeaways:

  • Make effort to separate work and home spaces.
  • Think about workspace lighting.

New York Times

The Tech Headaches of Working From Home and How to Remedy Them

My Key Takeaway:

  • I should look into upgrading home-office equipment.

Harvard Business Review

The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus

My Key Takeaways:

  • There are too many distractions.
  • There are too many meetings.
  • Minimizing these is probably the secret to happiness.