Still Early

When we found out we were pregnant, we did all the things.

Luana put the pregnancy test in a box. She set up a hidden camera and recorded my surprise opening it, learning our lives would change.

We printed out a bunch of signs. My brother took pictures of us holding them on the grass in the front yard.  We turned the pictures into a slideshow for Luana’s mom in Brazil:

“Hey Mom… Happy Mother’s Day… We Love You… and… Guess What? …YOU… are going to be… a GRANDMA!”

We booked a pregnancy announcement photoshoot.  We dressed up and hiked to a field below this hill at sunset. The day turned out cloudy, but we took these lovely pictures surrounded by little yellow flowers. Pretty flowers.  They bloom here every spring.  I think they’re called mustard flowers, but they didn’t smell like mustard. I don’t know.

When we found out we were pregnant, we scheduled our 8-week appointment with the doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

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