RE: Go-Live Announcement

From: Josh Knox
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2019 12:35 PM
To: [All Company]
Subject: Newest Go-Live


We’re excited to announce our most recent Go-live, which took place this past weekend.

This has been a demanding project, with many unique challenges throughout the process.  After several years of project review by the executive sponsors, a decision was made to do everything on-premises, and implementation was put into motion October 2018.

The company’s business consists of a single, multi-year Time & Material project.  Now live in one legal entity, Human Resources and AP modules are functioning smoothly.  AR has not been implemented, but the executives weren’t expecting that anytime soon – maybe in a phase 2.  The business is more heavily invested in Operations than Finance.

Many thanks to the project team, especially Luana Knox who did all the real work, putting her whole self into the go-live to ensure its success.

This is an AMAZING accomplishment! Thanks to everyone involved:

Luana Knox
Josh Knox
Vovó Rita
Grandma Jean
Grandpa John
Dr. Aaron Kromhaut
Nurse Becca
Nurse Rita
Nurse Kelly

Calvin Philip Knox

From: Josh Knox
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 05:24 PM
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Subject: RE: Newest Go-Live


Before I go, an addendum to last year’s go-live announcement (attached):

Last year’s go-live in the initial legal entity was an outstanding success.  Everyone is very happy with the results.  There have been post go-live challenges – continuous version updates, not to mention a few late night surprises in the manufacturing module – but 24/7 support has made everything as smooth as possible.

Inspired by this positive outcome, project phase 2 scoping began earlier this year – with the goal of rolling out a new legal entity.  Given the stress of the last year, everyone is grateful to be working with the same implementation partners.

Following User Acceptance Testing, the solution has now been validated.  We are just waiting on some final integration development – all of which is on schedule and expected to be pushed out in the spring release.  Everyone is looking forward to taking the new legal entity live in April 2021.

Legal Entity 1 | Calvin | 15 months

Legal Entity 2 | TBD | Due April 19 2021

From: Josh Knox
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From: Josh Knox
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Awe crap, wrong year on the report. Have to clean that up later. My bad.

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