Pin D365 Finance Workspaces to Your Taskbar

On the topic of Hunter Bars, a somber farewell to The Big Hunt in Washington DC.

Longtime readers of this blog know I’m a big fan of Workspaces. I’m such a fan, I gave an entire Workspace Presentation at last year’s User Group Summit.

Why Workspaces?

Here is my pitch for Workspaces:

If bookmarking the D365 Default Dashboard, in order to perform an action you need to 1) Open your browser 2) Go to D365 Default Dashboard and then 3) Goto the D365 form where you will perform your action.


Bookmarking specific workspaces, utilizing the workspace’s tiles, listpages and links gets you straight to the action you want to perform. Your steps are now 1) Open your browser and 2) Go to the D365 form where you will perform your action.


Default Dashboard

Vendor invoice entry workspace

Why Pin Workspaces to Taskbar?

Advancing this concept, Edge makes it easy to pin a workspace to your taskbar. If I click on the purple finance and operations logo on the far right of my taskbar, the vendor invoice entry workspace opens immediately.

The steps are now 1) Go to the D365 form where you want to perform your action and 2)…profit!

How to Pin Workspace to Taskbar

The Edge browser makes this easy. Go to your desired workspace and click the ellipsis on the top right of the Edge Browser. Select more tools, and then click pin to taskbar,

Pin Vendor invoice entry workspace to taskbar

Advanced Concepts

Limited navigation

If you add “&limitednav=true” to the end of your workspace URL, the menu item on the left disappears (zoom into the two Vendor invoice entry workspace screenshots above and look at the urls to see the difference). This gives you a few more pixels to work with (a small benefit), but also cuts down on distractions in the workspace (a larger benefit, possibly).

I like using this limited navigation with the pinned workspace because makes the D365 workspace feel more like a desktop application.

Change Icon

If you hold shift and click on the pinned shortcut in your taskbar, you can select properties to change the icon (the pinned website’s favicon is the shortcut’s default icon). This can be helpful if you want to pin multiple shortcuts to your taskbar and easily distinguish between them. The new icon image must be in .ico format – fortunately there are multiple sites that make it easy to convert standard jpg or png images to ico.

Happy Hunting…

A Bicycle for the Mind

1895 tall frame Kenwood Path Racer cycle

In this interview with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, he notes that technology companies are more frequently utilities (how do I get this car to show up now?) or entertainment (how do I get this show now?), and less a bicycle for the mind as early tech-visionaries dreamed for the future of computers.

I’m starting a new project, which has required a lot of new learning. As a result, I’m reflecting on the tools I use to augment my learning.


I don’t have a photographic memory. To compensate, I use OneNote a lot. I have OneNotes for projects, I have personal OneNotes, I even have a big OneNote where I document new D365 functionality I’m learning. The process of notetaking helps me concentrate on the subject matter – as an added benefit it builds searchable knowledgebase. I like to think of well structured OneNotes as an investment in my future self.


I wrote about Microsoft Teams in April (see here and here), but the product has continued to approve this year. Teams are a great place to collaborate in groups, share files, and keep stakeholders up to date. Not to mention its power as a scheduling/meeting/video-conferencing platform.

Add OneNote to a Team

Following up on my love on OneNote, the only thing better than making OneNotes for yourself is making OneNotes as part of a group. In Teams, a OneNote can be added to a tab for easy group access. The OneNote can be edited within Teams, as well as opened for editing in the OneNote desktop app.

Click the plus sign to add a tab

Search for the OneNote application, then select the specific OneNote to be added

The OneNote can now be accessed through Teams

Clicking Open in Browser, the OneNote can also be opened in the desktop app.


I like having access to the OneNote through the desktop application because the features are a bit more robust and I can always bring up the OneNote application using the Win+Shift+N hotkey.

Sync Teams Files to Computer

As mentioned above, Teams are a great way to share files. As in many social situations, Teams can sometimes fall victim to oversharing. (I’m sorry, but I don’t want to discuss your foot fungus problems during the company holiday party, now suddenly I’m the bad person?). I’ve seen many Teams develop a file folder structure so complicated they require their own Indiana Jones map for navigation. However, no matter how large the file structure, usually the contents of only one or two folders are relevant to me.

Instead of digging through the folder structures every time I want to review those files, syncing the relevant folders or files to my computer is an easier solution.

On the Files tab of the Team, click Open in SharePoint

From SharePoint, click Sync

Select the particular files or folders to sync

The synced files and folders can now be accessed through File Explorer

File explorer can be quickly accessed using WIN+E. Depending on OneDrive settings, synced files can be saved to the computer’s hard drive for offline access. Changes to synced files will save on the files accessible to the Team.

Other Bicycles for the Mind

Two other tech tools I’m interested in right now are Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain knowledge management system and the Roam Research notetaking tool. I’m pretty busy studying for my current project, but I’m looking forward to exploring both when I have some available time in the future.

Speaking of studying – shoutout to Quizlet. Learning new terms from a glossary: boring. Learning new terms from flashcards: fun. I’ve found Quizlet makes it easy to upload and review new terms/definitions, and the mobile app makes it convenient to practice on the go.

Resource Roundup: Microsoft Teams Advanced Tips

There is so much good content on the internet *insert shocked emoji*. Resource Roundup is a series to organize links, ideas, and advice around a specific topic.

Following-up on yesterday’s Microsoft Teams Resources, here are some advanced tips for Teams.


As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of shortcuts. They are also useful in Microsoft Teams. Below is a helpful hotkey list put together by

Live Captions

When you click the ellipsis during a meeting, you may notice a new (preview) feature called “Turn on live captions”. Clicking this provides automated captions at the bottom of the screen. These captions are only available in English, and will only be privately visible to you (ie not visible to every one else in the meeting).

Machine generated alternative text:
@ Show device settings 
Show meeting notes 
(D Show meeting details 
Enter full screen 
Z. Start video with blur 
Invite peo 
Tum on live captions (preview) 
O Start recording 
Tum off incoming video
Machine generated alternative text:
@ Show device settings 
Show meeting notes 
(D Show meeting details 
Enter full screen 
Z. Start video with blur 
Invite peo 
Tum on live captions (preview) 
O Start recording 
Tum off incoming video

Teams Windows Application vs Web Application

If you are reading this, you probably have the Teams windows application (and you might even have the Teams ios or android application). But you can also access teams in any web browser by going to

One current advantage of using the web application is that you can have multiple instances of Teams open in multiple tabs (or on multiple monitors). Doing so allows you to use chat or access files while following a screen sharing meeting at the same time.

Augmented Reality

Harnessing the power of the Snap Camera, you can throw a little augmented reality into your Teams video calls. Full details on how to set it all up for Teams can be found here.

The Snap Camera comes from Snapchat, and basically adds an augmented reality filter to your computer’s camera then makes it appear to other applications that your camera plus the AR filter is a new camera that can be selected. To be honest, I found most of the filters to be rather juvenile.

Pizza in Microwave

This is actually a very useful filter, especially since my wife no longer lets me put my camera in the microwave following the incident.

Palm Tree Background

If I wanted a palm tree in my video background, I would just paint a palm tree on my back office wall.

Tie on Head

If I wanted to impress people with a tie on my head during video calls, I would just tie a tie on my head during my video calls.

Let me know when Snap Camera rolls out the Clean-Shaven-Face filter. Then we can start talking about Augmented Reality as a business essential.

Where’s the Action? – (Alt+Q) Action Search in D365

Hotkey Highlight – Alt+Q

We’ve previously covered Navigation search (Ctrl+/) as a way to quickly find and access different forms across D365. Action search is a way to quickly find and access different menu buttons within a single D365 form. This can be particularly helpful if the user is looking for a menu item button, but unsure which tab it is located on.

The Action Pane

Let’s start by quickly reviewing the elements of the action pane (the area at the top of a D365 form). The action pane contains menu buttons, organized into tabs, and groups.

Action search can be activated by clicking the magnifying glass next to the options tab, or pressing Alt+Q.

Action Search (in Action)

Typing in action search returns similarly named menu buttons. The returned results display the menu button name, as well as its associated tab and group. This works for menu buttons across all tabs on the form. If buttons are hidden through a personalization or saved view, they will also be hidden in the action search results.

Room for Search Optimization

Action search is handy functionality for users searching for a button, but unsure of it’s location in the action pane. However, the ordering of the search results can still be improved. In the screenshot below, you can see that the top action search result for “hour journal” does return the button for creating an hour journal (the hour button in the journal group), but instead the top results are taken by hour costprice and hour salesprice. I am hopeful that the action search and navigation search results will improve in future releases.

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D365 Platform Update 33 Preview: It Does The Math!

The preview release of Platform update 33 for Finance and Operations is now available (general availability is scheduled for March). This is part of a series highlighting features in the new platform update.

It Does The Math!!!

The ability to calculate inside of cells (instead of on external calculators) was a handy feature in AX2012 that we were sad to lose in the great D365 migration to the cloud.

Well put your 10-keys back in your deskdrawers because D365 does the math again!

When entering data into numeric cells, start your entry with the equals sign (=) and let D365 handle the rest.

1+1 = 2

(2×3) + (4×5) = 26

It Even Does The Advanced Math!!!

Dynamics recognizes pi, e, factorials, logarithms and trig functions. A complete list of the supported math expressions can be found here.

5! (5x4x3x2x1) = 120

Cos(pi) + ln(e) = 2

The supported math expressions don’t include imaginary numbers (remember i ?). Fortunately, accountants have been handling imaginary numbers on their own for centuries.

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Hotkey Highlight – Win+H

Cortana Dictation – Win+H

This shortcut is admittedly more style than substance, but…

If you are using a PC with Windows 10, you can use Cortana’s speech recognition to dictate instead of type your D365 inputs. More information on how to set up speech recognition in Windows 10 is available here.

  • Win+H will activate the speech recognition bar visible at the top of the screen.
  • Saying “Stop dictation” will remove you from dictation mode.

Cortana Dictation Power User Tip

The Win+H shortcut can be used in conjunction with the Ctrl+/ Navigation Search shortcut to access any D365 form or workspace with minimal keyboard entry. It can also be used with the Ctrl+F Browser Search shortcut to quickly identify objects on a given page.


Hotkey Highlights (and Happy Holidays) – Tips for Efficient Journal Entry

Not sure what to get that special D365 accountant in your life? Waited till the last minute and now you don’t have time to buy a gift? Show your appreciation by passing along this list of journal entry tips. Better yet, send a link to our whole series on shortcuts.

#D365Blogs: the gifts that keeps on giving – even during the holidays.

These example screenshots will be from the general ledger journal form, but are applicable across journal types in D365.

Alt+N – Create a new journal

Alt+N can create a new journal header, and also create new journal lines once the journal lines are opened.

Alt+Down – Open dropdown to select journal name

Once the new journal is created, Alt and the down arrow can be used to open the Journal name dropdown. From there, the up/down arrows can be used to toggle between available journal names and Enter can be used to select the highlighted journal name.

Tab / Shift+Tab – Toggle cell selection Right / Left

Similar to Excel, Tab and Shift+Tab can be used to move the cell selection right and left. The allows a user to update the description field without using the mouse for selection.

Using Shift+Tab, the user can move the selection to the left so that the journal batch number is highlighted. Pressing enter while the journal batch number is highlighted will have the same effect as clicking the link, allowing the user to open the journal lines without clicking their mouse.

Once inside the journal lines, Tab can be used to move horizontally across the cells. Through Personalizations, users can control which of these cells are included or skipped when tabbing.

Selecting Accounts and Financial Dimensions

Keep in mind when selecting accounts and financial dimensions that the field acts as a “begins with” filter on both the Value and the Description fields.

An asterisk can be used as a wildcard search character to override the “begins with” filter. In the example above, “*recei” can be used as a search to return all accounts containing the word “Receivables”

Alt+Shift + Right/Left – Toggle Tabs Right/Left

When it is necessary to update more values that simply what is on the list page, Alt+Shift+ the right and left arrow keys can be used to toggle across the journal’s tabs.

Alt+Delete – Delete

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why there’s a delete button on the journal lines and header. Alt+Delete can erase that mistake without even the shake of a mouse.

Image result for mouse asleep christmas"
“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

Hotkey Highlight – Ctrl+Shift+E

Export to Excel – Ctrl+Shift+E

While some D365 data has Open in Excel functionality, allowing users to interact with the data through the Excel Data Connector add-in, every list page in D365 can be exported to excel, creating a static download of the data.

Ctrl+Shift+E gets you that excel export in fewer clicks. As a bonus, this shortcut places the selection on the Download button in the following screen, so you can use the Enter button to execute the download.

Ctrl+Shift+E…Enter for a mouse-free excel export of your data.

Export Selected Rows

Only want to export a few selected rows to Excel? Check the desired rows prior to clicking Export to Excel and only those rows will be included in your data.

Export to Excel Power User Tip

The D365 platform now supports exporting up to one million rows of data to excel. With this great power, exercise great responsibility.

Export progress dialog

Need to export more than a million rows? You should probably look into using a different tool. Excel itself can only handle 1,048,576 rows🙂

Hotkey Highlight – Ctrl+Shift+P

Enter Personalization Mode – Ctrl+Shift+P

On any D365 screen, you can you can enter personalization mode though right-click, select personalize, and then selecting personalize this form. If the options tab is visible, you can also click “Personalize this form” in the Personalize group.

Ctrl+Shift+P is simply a faster way to access the Personalization mode. This can be especially useful when making personalization adjustments for saved views.

Personalization Power User Tips

D365 actually has a full suite of Personalization shortcuts. If you use personalizations frequently, it could be highly beneficial to become acquainted with these. One of my favorite personalization hotkeys is when trying to move the position of a column, I find it much easier to use the arrow keys to move and enter button to set the column than to attempt the adjustment by dragging it with the mouse.

Confirm these shortcuts through the link, as I think this is an experience that will continue to improve.

Hotkey Highlight – Ctrl+/

Navigation Search – Ctrl+/

Ctrl+/ is the hotkey to enter the D365 navigation search located at the top of the page (This used to be the magnifying glass to the right of the legal entity, but in a recent design change the box is not top-center).

The navigation search is helpful if you know the exact name of the form you are looking for. The search functionality here still has room for improvement, so when I’m uncertain about the exact name of the menu item I’m looking for, I tend to favor using browser search (Ctrl+F) to open the desired module and search for the desired menu item.

Navigation Search Power User Tip

The navigation search matches based on the initial letters of each word typed.

Instead of typing “project invoice proposals” to return the Project invoice proposals form, the value “pro inv pro” is sufficent to return the same result. Typing “p i pr” would be an even more efficient way to return this result.

With some experimenting, you should discover a series of truncated search phrases to use in combination with Ctrl+/ that will resolve to your commonly used forms. Your own personal hotkeys!