Win+V: Super Cut & Paste

“Manual data entry builds character,”
Joel Leichty
“Character gives us qualities, but it is in our actions–what we do–that we are happy…or the reverse,”

If you need to paste multiple values into multiple places, WIN+V should be your new best friend. Where regular CTRL+C copies something and CTRL+V pastes that last thing you copied, WIN+V allows you to select from your history if previous items copied.

D365 has a variety of ways to transfer data. Data entities can be used with data packages in the Data Management workspace, or the excel add-in can be used to update and publish records into the database. Enhanced grid functionality now enables you to paste entire columns of data into lists directly through the UI.

However, there are still sometimes where manual, identical data entry has to be done across multiple legal entities…where there’s not enough volume for some technical approach to be more efficient. Creating a new organizational email template in multiple legal entities is one such example with these qualities – the video below shows how WIN+V can make this action a little less painful.

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