D365 Platform Update 33 Preview: It Groups!

The preview release of Platform update 33 for Finance and Operations is now available (general availability is scheduled for March). This is part of a series highlighting features in the new platform update.

It Groups!!!

Grouping brings some pivot table-like functionality to D365 grids. Similar to how numeric columns can be totaled, non-numeric columns can be grouped. Right click on the column and select “Group by this column”

Posted Project Transactions, Grouped by Project Name

Posted Project Transactions, Grouped by Date

Save Groupings as Views

Once grouped, these new grid layouts can be saved as views.

Grouping is a promising UI experience. In the Platform Update 33 preview, users are able to group on a single column. Future plans include the ability to group on up to five different columns, expand/collapse groupings, and group subtotaling.

If You Still Really Want a Pivot Table

If you find yourself in need of the full pivot table experience, remember that grid data can still be downloaded to Excel.

Ctrl+Shift+E, Enter

Our D365 hotkey to download data to excel.

Alt+N+V, Enter

Our Excel Hotkey to build a pivot table.

Then select your fields as desired.

Best of luck, my Excel power-user friend.

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