D365 Platform Update 33 Preview: It Totals!

The preview release of Platform update 33 for Finance and Operations is now available (general availability is scheduled for March). This is part of a series highlighting features in the new platform update.

It Totals!!!

What’s the sum of this column? No need to dump it to excel anymore – right click and select “Total this column”. D365 will then do the hard work to calculate the total and return the number of rows.

Even Large Totals!

When a grid is so large that all records are not returned at once, a calculate button presents below the total button with dashes at the bottom of the columns pending calculation. Clicking the calculate button processes the totals.

Filtered Totals!

When grid columns are filtered, totaling takes place on the filtered values. This is handy when investigating subsets of form data.

In the example below, the Trial balance form already has summary totals at the bottom as part of its standard design. By adding column totals, I am able to filter for a specific project dimension and quickly calculate the totals for that dimension value.

In sum, this is the total functionality.

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