Bill Time to Projects in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

In this post we’ll walk through the steps to set up a project and bill time in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


a. Worker Setup

i. Make sure user is associated with Worker

Click edit and select the applicable resource in the person field. If the value is populated, this can also be adjusted by clicking the maintain versions button.

ii. Worker must have a period

On the Project tab, in the Set up group, click Project setup

Click edit and select the applicable period code.

iii. Ensure Employee has proper financial dimensions

On the employment tab, select the applicable financial dimensions

B. Project Setup

i. Project stage in process

On the project tab, click the project stage button and select the In process Project stage.

ii. WBS Setup (changes need to be plubished to take effect)

iii. Sales Price SEtup

On the project tab, in the Sales price group, click Hours

Timesheet Submission

A. Select project – activity – enter hours – insert comments as necessary

This should be the standard timesheet entry process

B. Submit to workflow

Click the Workflow button and then click Submit.

Approve Timesheet (Projects+ Line level approval form)

A. PM Approves Timesheet

The Timesheet line level approval form is a Projects+ custom form It is also possible to approve timesheets through the standard workflow approval process. Approvers should see notifications for work items to be approved in their “Work items assigned to me” form.

B. Timesheet now approved

C. Post Timesheet

To post time, go to the unposted timesheets form, select the timesheet, and click Post selected in the Accounting group. Optionally, the timesheet workflow can be configured so that approved timesheets are posted automatically.

Create Invoice Proposal

To create an invoice proposal, go to the manage tab, New group, and click Invoice proposal.

Invoice Proposal Review Screen

The Invoice proposal review screen displays the associated transactions in the left window and a mock-up of how they will display in the Customer invoice in the right window.

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